Protecting Information in the “Cloud”

The privacy of information has always been a closely protected right in America.  Numerous laws have been passed, at both State and Federal levels, to criminalize bad actors from accessing private information on citizens.  The changing landscape of technology has introduced new avenues for bad actors to attempt to steal private information for their nefarious uses.  The migration of business systems and other information technology from brick and mortar locations into the ‘cloud’ has many cost benefits, but it also creates new exposure to data loss.

Wisconsin has a variety of laws to protect your information, and has created a number of causes of action for civil monetary recovery and compensation.  However, these laws, and the requirements that they place on business when handling private information, are complex and ever changing.

Are you a small or medium size business that handles private customer information?  Have you been the victim of a data breech or had your information stolen?  Do you have a plan to limit your financial exposure should a breech occur?

Contact us for a consultation to see if we can help you protect your business and ensure your compliance with the law.  It is never too late to call an attorney.

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